Continued Public Hearing -Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) and Mitigation Monitoring I Reporting Plan, Tentative Parcel Map 2016-01, and Site Plan and Design Review 2016-03, Livingston Community Health. Applicant proposes a phased development of a 12.28-acre parcel. The first phase consists of a medical service campus with five structures and associated parking, landscaping and infrastructure improvements, including undergrounding of an adjacent canal. The next phase is anticipated to be commercial development, but no specific development plan has been prepared. An Initial Study of environmental effects was prepared for this project. The IS/MND analyzed the potential environmental effects of the project and includes mitigations to address those effects.

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Agenda Item #: 3a.

Meeting Date: January 10, 2017

Report Date: January 3, 2017


CITY FILE NUMBER: Livingston Community Heath Project, Parcel Map 2016-01, and Site Plan/Design Review 2016-03.

OWNER/APPLICANT:Livingston Community Health, Owner & Applicant 1140 Main Street Livingston, CA 95334

PROJECT LOCATION: South side of "B" Street approximately 900 feet east of the intersection with Winton Parkway, APN #: 022-010-017. The property is currently vacant save for the MID canal (Hammett Lateral) along the southeast boundary of the property and the MID pump house at the far eastern corner of the site.

PROPOSED ACTION:Adopt Resolution 2017-_, adopting the Initial Study I Mitigated Negative Declaration and a Mitigation Monitoring I Reporting Program; adopt Resolution 2017-_, approving the Tentative Parcel Map; and adopt Resolution 2017- , recommending approval by the City Council of the site plan and design review of the administration building floor plan and elevation as a standard and template for future buildings in the Livingston Community Health Project campus.

PREPARED BY: Randy Hatch, Contract City Planner



Property Size:  12.27 Acres

Existing Land Use: Primarily Vacant with a MID canal along the southeastern boundary of the property with a MID pump house at the northeastern corner.

1999 General Plan Designation: Community Commercial (CC)

Zoning: Community Commercial (C-2)

Street Access "B" Street and the future extension of Winton Parkway


North: Across "B" Street, C-3, the Livingston Commons shopping center with a variety of commercial uses.

South: Across the MID canal, R-1, single family residential uses

East:  Along "B" Street, R-1 then R-3, single family residential uses, then a Sikh Temple.

West: Across the Winton Parkway extension, PF and C-2, Livingston Middle School, and vacant commercial land.


The applicant, Livingston Community Health, is proposing to divide the 12.27 acre property into 4 parcels and develop the largest parcel (7.49 acres) into a medical campus. The medical campus is phase 1 of development of the 12.27 acre property consisting of five buildings: an administration building, a health center providing patient services, a dental building, a maintenance building, and a building with a use to be determined.

The total floor area of these five buildings would be 45,117 square feet. The project also proposes to develop 409 parking spaces along with landscaping and infrastructure improvements (including undergrounding the MID canal). The medical campus would be constructed in three sub-phases.

Phase IA would be the administration building, parking spaces, and much of the infrastructure. Phase l B would include the health center, dental building, and maintenance building. Phase 1C would include the fifth building whose use is presently undetermined. Parking and landscaping would be added as each sub­ phase is developed. The undergrounding of the MID canal would occur prior to the completion of Phase 1 of the development.

Phase 2 of the project is the development of the 4.09 acres west of the medical campus. There are no specific plans for Phase 2 but it is anticipated that this area will be developed for retail uses with perhaps restaurants consistent with that allowed by the Community Commercial zoning. The construction of the Winton Parkway extension, or a part thereof, would occur before or at the time of the development of these mixed commercial uses.

Access to the medical campus would be provided from "B" Street. Additional right of way dedication would be provided along "B" Street to accommodate right turn in and out access in Phase IA toward the middle of the campus with a second access allowing right turn in and both left and right turn out during Phase lB at the western end of the campus. This action would also include dedication of a 10 foot Public Utility Easement (PUE).

The project would connect to existing water and wastewater lines within "B" Street, as well as electrical, gas, and communication utilities. Storm water would be collected and the storm water not absorbed would be conveyed to a basin in the southern corner of the medical campus. The basin would be constructed during Phase IA but would be sized to accommodate storm water collected from all Phase 1 and anticipated Phase 2 development.

As mentioned above, the undergrounding of the MID canal would occur as soon as possible in Phase 1.

The development of Phase 2 is uncertain at this time. The development of buildings, their design and specific uses, the site layout, needed parking and all the infrastructure will be determined in the future.

Livingston Community Health (LCH) is a non-profit, community-owned health center that provides comprehensive primary and preventive health care services to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. LCH provides health care services to 14,000 patients each year for Livingston, Delhi, Stevinson, Hilmar, Cressey, Ballico, and other surrounding areas.

Its main health center is currently located at 1140 Main Street in a two-story building. The building is constrained in space and the amount and variety of services it can offer Livingston patients. The project would allow LCH to expand its services (dental) and it would improve the efficiency of its Livingston operations.

More detail on the construction sub-phases and information on the design and colors are provided below.

Phase IA proposes the construction of the administration building. The building is single story approximately 14,543 square feet in floor area and 30 feet in height at its highest point. It is located in the northeastern corner of the parcel. This building would house the administration employees, who would move from the second floor of LCH’s current location at 1140 Main Street.

The construction of the new administration building and relocation of administration employees would occur as soon as possible after City approval. This phase also proposes the start of the construction of a storm water basin, approximately 0.7 acres in area, in the southern comer of the parcel. This basin would be constructed to accommodate runoff from the entire LCH campus and future development under Phase 2.

During this phase the segment of MID’s Hammett Lateral along the southern border I property line of the site would be converted from an open canal to an underground pipeline. Work for the canal undergrounding would start as part of this phase, but may not be completed until Phase 1C. A total of 129 parking spaces (with 5 handicap spaces) would be provided. Dedication of additional roadway to "B" Street and the 10 foot PUE would occur as would the development of a right tum in right tum out driveway. Approximately 15,241 square feet of landscaping would be installed.

Phase lB proposes the construction of the health center building, a single story building approximately 14,880 square feet in floor area at the center of the medical campus. This building would house the services currently located on 1140 Main Street. Phase 1B also proposes the construction of a single story building, approximately 6,215 square feet in floor area northwest of the health center building.

This building would house dental services not currently offered at the Main Street center. A single story building approximately 1,500 square feet in floor area would be constructed adjacent to the storm water basin. This building would house maintenance services for the medical campus.

A total of 233 parking spaces (with 9 handicap spaces) would be developed as part of this phase. A second driveway allowing more turning movements to "B" Street would be constructed. Approximately 22,585 square feet of landscaping would be installed around the buildings and along the "B" Street frontage, including a signature plaza between the health center building and the dental building.

Phase 1C proposes the construction of a single story medical building approximately 7,979 square feet in floor area on the western side of the campus. The proposed use for this building has not been determined. A total of 81 additional parking spaces (with 4 handicap spaces) would be constructed bringing the campus total to 409 spaces. The final 10,358 square feet of landscaping would be installed.

Phase 2 would involve the development of the remaining 4.09 acres of the site. No specific development for Phase 2 is proposed, but it will be consistent with the City’s current General Plan and zoning for the site of Community Commercial.

This phase would include the extension of Winton Parkway (or part thereof) completing this important roadway connector and facilitating development of the site on this second roadway frontage. A variety of commercial uses and restaurants is expected to develop.

While such businesses are allowed, City Code requires new development to be reviewed in terms of its Site Plan and Design characteristics. The purpose of a Site Plan and Design Review is to assure compatibility, harmony in appearance, and reduction of negative impacts of non-aesthetic development and orderly development of the community.

The Planning Commission is the approving body for the Tentative Parcel Map and the recommending body for a Site Plan and Design Review with the City Council being the approving body. Therefore, this proposal must go before both bodies.


The construction of the medical complex and the division of property for the medical campus and eventual development of commercial uses is a "project" subject to review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

The applicant retained the services of an environmental consultant to meet CEQA requirements which are administered by the City. LCH representatives prepared an Initial Study which reviews the "project" per the standards and criteria of CEQA and determines whether the "project" would result in any significant environmental effects, as defined by CEQA.

If significant effects are determined to result from the "project", then the applicant identifies and describes feasible mitigation measures which could be undertaken that would avoid the identified significant effects or reduce them to a level that would be less than significant. This is all identified in the Initial Study and a proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration.

The applicant prepared these documents and they were reviewed in detail by City staff and, after City editing, represent the independent analysis and judgment of the City. These documents were circulated to various City departments, other agencies and organizations and made available for public review and comment for 21 days starting November 21, 2016, through December 11, 2016.

No comments were received addressing the environmental analysis of the project or any new proposed mitigation measures. Accordingly, staff has prepared a Resolution which adopts the Mitigated Negative Declaration and incorporates all the proposed Mitigation Measures into the project.

The City has also prepared a Mitigation Monitoring I Reporting Plan which summarizes all potential impact of the project and the associated mitigation measures. The Mitigation Monitoring I Reporting Plan also identifies who is responsible for implementing the mitigation measure and who does the follow up with monitoring I reporting.


The property is vacant and is properly General Planned and Zoned for such a use. The proposed Tentative Parcel Map divides the property into 4 lots: one lot for the MID canal, which will be undergrounded as part of this project, and pump; one lot which will be developed for the LCH campus; and two lots for eventual commercial uses adjacent to the Winton Parkway extension.

The tentative parcel map dedicates additional right-of-way to "B" Street to allow for safe turning movements into and out of the medical campus at two identified locations. The tentative parcel map provides for all required easements for utilities to serve development on the parcels. The Site Plan I Design Review of the LCH medical campus documents that the project meets the Zoning standards with respect to setbacks, height, parking, and lot coverage.

The parking required for medical offices is 1 space for every 200 square feet of floor area plus 1 additional space for each employee. The square footages of all the buildings are known as are the numbers of employees anticipated to work in the buildings. The one exception is the number of employees in the future building in Phase 1C. The known square footage of the buildings and number of employees results in a parking requirement of 349 spaces.

Four hundred nine (409) parking spaces are provided per the phasing noted above in the project description. This leaves 60 spaces to provide for parking for 60 future employees in the future building. Staff is of the opinion that an adequate number of parking spaces are provided to meet both the anticipated need and to allow for future employees in the future building. The parking spaces meet the size and design requirements and handicapped spaces are provided.

Landscaping is provided to buffer the parking area, buildings, and to provide a signature plaza I landscape feature in the center of the campus. The landscape areas are not detailed by a landscape plan, but such a plan is a condition of approval.

Only the administration building is detailed via elevations, materials and colors. This building’s architectural treatment serves as an example and model for the remaining buildings to be built in the campus. In staff’s opinion, this architectural treatment is of high quality. The administration building has a variety of textures and visual interest provided by the building’s body consisting of horizontal wood-look siding in a woodtone color, metal cladding in a slate grey color, and stucco in two complementary colors, Fossil Grey, used most often, and Deacons Bench, used only on the tall single sloped portion of the building.

The building has accent colors applied on the wall cap, window and door trim, and awnings. A Grey Squirrel color is applied adjacent to the Fossil Grey stucco with a Pepper Spice accent color found adjacent to the Deacons Bench stucco color.

The proposed plaza area is a defining feature of the site and the landscaping complements the developed portions of the site. Signage is not identified, but will require final staff approval.

Exterior lighting is not addressed leading staff to recommend a condition of approval to require lighting to be shielded and focused on the building and parking areas. The City has a Design Guide applicable to all new development. Staff has compared the proposed new building’s design and colors with the Design Guide. The overall design of the new building appears to be consistent with the Design Guide in terms of being compatible in scale with the surrounding area and providing visual interest.


Staff is of the opinion that the proposed parcel map and LCH medical campus would be an asset to the area and beneficial in the City. Developing this vacant lot and adding an expanded medical provider helps to provide needed services to the community and promotes additional development in the City.

The medical campus also acts as an economic generator to the City drawing people from outside the City. Staff feels the site layout and buildings, as proposed and as conditioned, complies with all the requirements and standards applicable. The two new lots on the Winton Parkway extension will help construct this needed roadway extension.

These lots will allow for additional commercial development opportunities in the City. The recommended conditions of approval allows staff to administratively review and approve the additional buildings of the medical campus as they develop, saving time and expense to LCH while insuring a high quality development.

Staff recommends the Planning Commission adopt three separate resolutions: Resolution 2017-_, adopting the Mitigated Negative Declaration with its Mitigation Monitoring I Reporting Program; Resolution 2017-_, granting final approval of the tentative parcel map with its conditions; and Resolution 2017-_, recommending approval by the City Council of Site Plan and Design Review 2016-03, based on the Findings and Conditions of Approval contained in the attached resolution.


1. Mitigated Negative Declaration Resolution 2017-_



Exhibit "A",Initial Study /Mitigated Negative Declaration (Click on the following link) livingston_community_health_draft_public_review_nov-11_2016

Table 1-1, Summary of Environmental Impacts and Mitigation Measures Exhibit "B", Mitigation Monitoring I Reporting Program

2. Tentative Parcel Map Resolution 2017-_ Exhibit "A", Conditions of Approval

3. Site Plan I Design Review Resolution 2017-_ Exhibit "A", Conditions of Approval

4. Project Location and Zoning Map


5. Tentative Parcel Map


6. Preliminary Site Plan Phase l A, lB, lC




7. Preliminary Site Plan Phase 2


8. Administration Building Floor Plans and Elevations