A Few Letters, Sun-Star & and Mike McGuire Articles about Livingston Politics (and a few other things Worthy of Note) 2015


Note from TheGardeningSnail. Some of the links to Merced Sun Star Articles may have “expired”: which means, you might have to request a copy from the Merced Sun Star Archives. However, those of you with access to online newspaper data bases should be able to locate a copy that way as well. Might take you a few clicks, but already having a Title and a Date Published should help out a bit. 

For those links that have expired: Sometimes doing a Copy/Paste of a title into your favorite Search Engine works too. If that doesn’t work, doing a Copy/Paste of part of the paragraph in italics and dropping that whole thing into your favorite Search Engine and doing a “Search” may also work.

If you want to research even further back, there are additional pages which can give you an idea about what happened, (or has not happened) to things like Water Rate Increases, or Development Projects that have been batted back and forth for several years. The links below will take you to Headlines and snippets from the following years

  • From 2008-2009 

    • City Council Members – Daniel Varela, Frank Vierra, Rodrigo Espinoza, Margarita Aguilar, Martha Nateras

    • Significant Events:

      • Water Rate Increases, Foster Farms sues twice about Water Rates, The Recall Movement Begins:

      • Recall Supporters allege that new water rates are Illegal, Unwarranted, and Unnecessary.

  • From 2010-2011 

    • One Foster Farms lawsuit is dropped and another goes to the State Appeals Court

    • Recall of two City  Council Members. Recall Supporter Teresa Land elected to City Council. Recall Supporter Rodrigo Espinoza elected as Mayor, Recall Supporter Warren Urnberg appointed as Temporary Council Member.

    • Water Rates rolled back to 1995 levels. Council abandons the Appeal

    • 2010 General Election.

    • City Council: Rodrigo Espinoza (Mayor), Maragarita Aguilar (Mayor Pro-Temp) Frank Vierra, Teresa Land, Gurpal Samra.

    • New City Attorney and City Manager

    • “Utility Rates Stakeholders Committee is established to “work with the consultants” on new water rates.

      • Richie King, Vice President at Foster Farms: one of the members appointed.

      • Margarita Aguilar and Gurpal Samra: Council Liaisons.

    • California Department of Public Health warns Livingston about the consequences of failing Maximum Contaminant Levels

  • From 2012-2013 

From 2014…..The Year of the Drought Declaration, the destruction of the Court Theater, and discussions about Water Rate Increases taking place during an Election Year.

And, in addition to the above, the City of Livingston is sued because of the elevated levels of Arsenic in Well #13.


  • Rodrigo Espinoza (Mayor),

  • Gurpal Samra (Mayor Pro-Temp),

  • David Mendoza (Brother of Mario Mendoza: Planning Commissioner and Treasurer of the Recall Committee)

  • Arturo Saciaros,

  • Jim Soria.


And Now…On to 2015, the year in which

Livingston considers banning trash scavengers  – By Ramona Giwargis – Merced Sun star – 01/05/2015 -  People caught scouring through someone else’s trash would be punished by an administrative citation. The first offense is a warning, followed by a $25 fine for the second violation and $50 on the third.

Livingston council OKs trash scavenger ban and smoke shops  – By Ramona Giwargis – Merced Sun Star – 01/07/2015 – Despite one council member calling it “dumb” and “ridiculous,” an ordinance that penalizes people for rummaging through other people’s trash is one step closer to becoming law……..After a lively debate and one failed motion to ban the shops from downtown, the council passed the ordinance’s first reading by a 3-2 vote. Mayor Pro Tem Gurpal Samra and Councilman Jim Soria voted against it. Despite at first saying he didn’t want to see smoke shops downtown, Espinoza changed his mind and voted in favor.

Coin theft suspect nabbed after fleeing past Livingston police department – By Rob Parsons – Merced Sun Star – 01/08/2015 – (Police Chief) Chavez said he believes the incident also highlights a problem law enforcement officials have with the newly adopted Prop. 47, which was voted into law in November. The proposition reduced certain drug and theft-related crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. – Prior to the passage of Prop. 47, Chavez said, these types of incidents would have landed a suspect in jail on at least two felony charges. However, under the new law, police cited Garcia for two misdemeanors and released him without booking him into jail.

Sikh bonfire festival in Livingston marks end of winter – SUN-STAR STAFF – The Merced Sun Star – 01/14/2015 – A huge bonfire burned high in front of the two Sikh temples in Livingston this week, marking the end of winter and the start of the new season.

New AutoZone opens in Livingston, fuels city’s future growth plans By Ramona Giwargis -  Merced Sun Star – 01/20/2015 – AutoZone is the first of three stores coming to the B Street and Winton Parkway shopping center. CVS Pharmacy and Rancho San Miguel will open in a few months, with the 55,000-square-foot supermarket expected to employ 130 people. Less than a mile down the road, a Motel 6 is set to open within a year.

Bird flu found at Foster Farms turkey ranch in California – THE ASSOCIATED PRESS – 01/25/2015 – The Merced Sun Star – Hundreds of turkeys at a Central California ranch are being killed to prevent the spread of a type of avian flu that is not a threat to people but can decimate poultry flocks

Livingston council names interim city manager, passes two laws BY RAMONA GIWARGIS, The Merced Sun Star -  01/25/2015- Odi Ortiz, assistant city manager and finance director, was unanimously appointed by the council on Tuesday after several closed-door meetings. Councilmen Jim Soria and David Mendoza were absent for Tuesday’s closed session……..“It’s going to be a little different, but I’m ready to take that challenge,” Ortiz said, adding that he wants to tackle next year’s fiscal budget, hire a Public Works director and keep a close eye on city finances

Livingston manager’s last day brings some employees to tears BY RAMONA GIWARGIS, The Merced Sun Star – 02/01/2015 – Mayor Pro Tem Gurpal Samra said Friday was a “sad day” for Livingston. It will be hard to replace Ramirez, he said, but the city will hire a recruitment organization to interview prospective candidates. While the City Council makes the final hiring decision, Samra said this method will “keep the process fair” and discourage favoritism.

Livingston police chief’s contract renewed for 3 years BY RAMONA GIWARGIS – The Merced Sun Star – 02/04/2015 -  Livingston Police Chief Ruben Chavez will continue working for the city another three years, the City Council determined unanimously this week

Chinese exchange students make friends in Livingston – BY THADDEUS MILLER – The Merced Sun Star – 02/08/2015 – About 50 students from China spent a couple of days here last week, visiting with others their age, sharing music and practicing their English. – The visit was the first edition of an exchange program, or “sisterhood,” that Livingston Middle School hopes to continue with Beijing Runfeng School, according to principals from both schools.

Livingston council talks fireworks stands and midyear budget – BY RAMONA GIWARGIS – The Merced Sun Star – 02/18/2015 – The battle over fireworks booths in Livingston has begun. – The city is accepting applications from nonprofits interested in selling safe-and-sane fireworks in July, officials announced at a City Council meeting Tuesday. Although the application period just opened, two groups – the Fourth of July Committee and Livingston Youth Football – were already appealing to the council Tuesday to choose them.

Livingston planning commissioner resigns over conflict of interest worry – BY RAMONA GIWARGIS – 02/22/2015 – The Merced Sun Star – The chairman of Livingston’s Planning Commission voluntarily resigned after elected officials threatened to have him removed because of a potential conflict of interest.

Livingston police arrest seven known gang members – SUN-STAR STAFF – 02/25/2015 – Seven known gang members have been arrested in Livingston since Saturday, according to police. – Three of those arrests came Tuesday when Livingston police and Merced County probation officers searched a home in the 1500 block of Seventh Street, finding a loaded 12-gauge shotgun hidden in a wall with other weapons, and more than five grams of methamphetamine, police Chief Ruben Chavez said.

Rancho San Miguel opens its doors in Livingston; council approves residential project – BY RAMONA GIWARGIS – 03/04/2015 – The Merced Sun Star – The 55,000-square-foot supermarket is the second retailer to open in the Livingston shopping center. A neighboring AutoZone store opened in January, employing about 10 people. – CVS Pharmacy is expected to open in the same shopping center next month, Samra said. Less than a mile down the road, a Motel 6 is set to open by the end of the year. – During a Livingston City Council meeting Tuesday, the council unanimously approved a site plan for a proposal to build 30 homes. Sun Valley Estates, owned by a developer with ties to Livingston, proposes building the single-family homes in a subdivision near Peach Avenue and Main Street.

Sugar Ray Leonard coming to Livingston – 03/09/2015 – The Merced Sun Star – The Carlos Vieira Foundation is hosting the third annual Gloves Not Drugs Boxing Show on March 28 at the Livingston High School Gym. – The special guest is boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard. The six-time champion will offer an opening announcement, watch the bouts and then provide fans with photo opportunities.

Merced, Livingston will celebrate Cesar Chavez BY THADDEUS MILLER – 03/16/2015 – The Merced Sun Star – Livingston plans to honor Chavez on what would have been his 88th birthday. His brother, Librado Chavez Jr., is set to visit elementary schools in town and participate in a fundraiser to benefit the Livingston Police Foundation, according to organizers. – The celebrations begin at 8 a.m. March 31 at Campus Park Elementary, 1845 H St., where children and families can join with Chavez and others in planting flowers around the city.

Jean Okuye: Those new housing developments will use resources faster – Letter to the Editor  – 03/12/2015 – The Merced Sun Star – I read more and more about increasing housing – sprawl, as usual. At the recent Livingston City Council meeting, 10 more houses were approved to bring more tax money to the city. – Houses never bring enough tax money to pay for the infrastructure: water, wastewater, roads, landscaping, parks, police, fire protection, etc. – We need to protect our resources, live within our means by balancing our income and expenses. Homes built on vacant lots, known as infill, use less resources than new development. Our water demand needs to decrease, as this is a finite resource and in short supply. When the wells run dry we will know we need to change our ways. – JEAN OKUYE, LIVINGSTON

Merced County adopts groundwater ordinance to regulate new wells  -  THADDEUS MILLER – 03/17/2015 – The Merced Sun Star – The new ordinance is the first of its kind for Merced County. It regulates groundwater transfers outside county basins through a permitting process, allowing county officials to scrutinize each project to determine potential impacts on groundwater resources. – It also requires people who want to build a new well, those who want to export water from existing wells or those who want to increase pumping activities to apply for a permit.

Livingston conference aims to empower young women – SUN-STAR STAFF – 03/19/2015 – The Merced Sun Star – The conference will take place from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. March 28 at Livingston Middle School, but the last day to register is Friday. – Martha Nateras, a guidance assistant at Livingston High School and founder of the Young Women’s Conference, said the event is targeted to seventh- through 12th-grade girls from Merced and neighboring cities.

More water restrictions likely in Merced County communities  – BY ROB PARSONS – 04/03/2015 – The Merced Sun Star – Further water restrictions are already in the works for Merced County residents ahead of the order earlier this week from Gov. Jerry Brown to cut back water use in cities and counties by 25 percent.

Drought expands across large section of nation’s crop region – THE ASSOCIATED PRESS – 04/06/2015 – The Merced Sun  – DES MOINES, IOWA —Drought conditions are expanding across a large section of the U.S., from California to the Great Plains. –The National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska says the area covered by moderate drought or worse expanded by nearly five percentage points to 36.8 percent during March. –The drought monitor shows dry conditions broadened in the Midwest with 22 percent of the U.S. corn production area and 18 percent of the soybean area in some degree of drought. That’s up sharply from early March when just 6 percent of the corn growing area and 5 percent of the soybean region were in drought conditions. –Dryness worsened during March in Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. –Two-thirds of California is in extreme to exceptional drought.

Livingston Kite Festival Photo Gallary – The Merced Sun Star

High-flying fun in Livingston – 04/17/2015 – The Merced Sun Star – Livingston’s fourth annual Kite Festival was another big hit with families, with more than 5,000 kite enthusiasts and their supporters coming from as far away as Sacramento and the Bay Area, according to event organizers….  The family-friendly, free event was hosted by the Knights of Columbus at Livingston Middle School. The Kite Festival kicked off the Week of the Young Child, a nationwide observance meant to bring attention to the development of children and the needs of their families that ends today.

Livingston council considers new water rules, approves police body cameras – 04/22/2015 – By Ramona Giwargis – The Merced Sun Star – Livingston has trimmed its water consumption by 18 percent compared to 2013, but city leaders are considering scaling back even further.—The City Council on Tuesday considered a resolution that would reduce outdoor watering from three days per week to two, ban washing cars and prohibit irrigating outdoors within 48 hours of a storm.—It would also restrict excessive water runoff onto the pavement or sidewalks and require property owners to fix water leaks.—The council did not pass the resolution Tuesday, instead voting 3-0 to bring it back with a few changes. Councilmen Arturo Sicairos and David Mendoza were absent Tuesday.

A Game of Chicken – USDA REPEATEDLY BLINKED WHEN FACING SALMONELLA OUTBREAKS INVOLVING FOSTER FARMS – Story by LYNNE TERRY  – Oregonlive.com – 05/01/2015 – Over the course of a decade, hundreds of people from Eugene to Baker City to Portland and Seattle were struck by bouts of food poisoning so severe they fled to their doctors or emergency rooms for treatment. – They had no idea what made them sick. But federal regulators did. – Oregon and Washington public health officials repeatedly told the U.S. Department of Agriculture they had linked salmonella outbreaks in 2004, 2009 and 2012 to Foster Farms chicken.

Mendoza expected to resign from Livingston City Council – By Rob Parsons– 05/04/2015 – David Mendoza is expected to resign Tuesday from the Livingston City Council, according to the council’s agenda posted Monday….(Council Member) Samra … said he would be willing to consider the possibility of allowing Mendoza to step away from the council temporarily with the idea that he would return at a later date….Mendoza was elected to the council in 2012, along with Councilmen Jim Soria and Arturo Sicairos.

State fell far short of water-saving target; Merced’s use fell 15 percent – By Fenit Nirappil – 05/05/2015 – The Associated Press – Californians conserved little water in March and local officials were not aggressive in cracking down on waste, state regulators reported Tuesday as they considered tough measures to force savings amid a continuing drought.—The State Water Resources Control Board received the update as it considers sweeping mandatory emergency regulations to protect water supplies in the parched state.—Brown has argued that the voluntary targets in place since early 2014 have been insufficient and that Californians need a jolt to take conservation seriously.

Livingston councilman resigns – 05/06/2015 – By Thaddeus Miller – The Merced Sun Star – The Livingston City Council accepted the resignation of one of its members Tuesday and set into motion an effort to appoint his replacement before July.—Councilman David Mendoza officially submitted his resignation by email on April 30, interim City Manager Odi Ortiz said during the council meeting this week.—The council directed city staffers to advertise for a replacement during the next 30 days with the intention of doing interviews and picking a replacement by June 29. The replacement would serve out the rest of Mendoza’s term, which ends next year.

Livingston looks to reduce water use, step up enforcement – 05/08/2015 – By Thaddeus Miller – The Merced Sun Star – The water restrictions in Livingston will tighten on Monday after a vote by the City Council this week to enact an “urgency” ordinance.—The council unanimously approved the new restrictions and the implementation date with two separate votes of 4-0. Councilman David Mendoza resigned on April 30, so the council has an open seat.—Unlike a typical ordinance, which takes two readings and a 30-day period to become law, an urgency ordinance becomes law immediately.—Under the new rules, residents will now be able to water only two days a week rather than three. The city had no time-of-day restrictions on sprinkling of outdoor plants and grass, but the new ordinance prohibits outdoor watering between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.—The water board on Tuesday began considering new regulations to enhance savings. Modesto, Merced, Oakdale, Ripon and Atwater face the biggest reduction of 36 percent. Riverbank, Turlock and Livingston face 32 percent reductions and Ceres is looking at a 28 percent cut.

Ex-police officer from Merced County charged with assault – 05/29/2015 – Thaddeus Miller – The Merced Sun Star – A former Livingston police sergeant has been accused of felony assault by a public officer for an incident in 2012, when he allegedly shoved a handcuffed man’s face into the ground, the Merced Sun-Star has learned…

Foster Farms launches organic, antiobiotic-free chicken lines – 06/01/2015 – By John Holland – The Modesto Bee – Foster Farms on Monday announced its first lines of organic and antibiotic-free chicken.–The company said it is now the West’s largest producer of organic chicken, made without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on feed, and the antibiotic-free version, which avoids the use of drugs that might become resistant to diseases affecting humans.

Livingston council appoints new member – 06/10/2015 -  Thaddeus Miller – The Merced Sun Star – The Livingston City Council appointed a new member to the board Tuesday, filling the position left empty in late April by a councilman who resigned. – With a 3-0 vote, the council appointed Alex McCabe, 33, to fill the seat vacated by former Councilman David Mendoza, who resigned after he moved out of the city.

New Livingston city manager acknowledges domestic violence conviction, bankruptcy – 07/21/2015 – Thaddeus Miller – The Merced Sun Star – The Livingston City Council unanimously hired its next city manager Tuesday. A Sun-Star review of public records shows he filed for bankruptcy and was charged with a felony about a decade ago. – It remains unclear exactly what the council members knew about Eddie Duque’s past or what process was used to vet the 20 applications they reviewed for the position.

Livingston expects first budget surplus in four years – 07/22/2015 – Thaddeus Miller – The Merced Sun Star – The Livingston City Council on Tuesday adopted its 2015-16 budget, which reflects its first surplus in four years. – With general fund revenues of $5.18 million and expenditures of $4.86 million, the city projects a surplus of about $320,000. The council approved the budget with a 4-0 vote as Councilman Jim Soria was absent.

A look at Livingston’s city manager recruitment – 07/23/2015 – Thaddeus Miller – The Merced Sun Star – A background check on the new Livingston city manager did not report a criminal charge or bankruptcy filing from a decade ago, city officials said Thursday, opening up questions about the vetting process for a highly paid public employee. – The recruitment process conducted during the past several months was completed by Los Gatos-based William Avery & Associates Inc. The city agreed to pay the firm $16,400, and to cover expenses up to $6,000, according to a copy of the contract.

Merced County cities miss targets as state water use falls in June – 07/30/2015 – Thaddeus Miller – The Merced Sun Star – Livingston fell well below its target of 32 percent, the board’s numbers showed. The city has conserved 3 percent…Gurpal Samra, Livingston’s mayor pro tem, said the numbers are skewed, because Foster Farms is the city’s biggest water user. He said the poultry producer uses at least of 65 percent of the city’s total.

Honor Flight to get $10,000 donation from Livingston 4th of July group -  08/04/2015 – The Merced Sun Star – The Livingston 4th of July Committee planned to donate $10,000 to the Central Valley Honor Flight during Tuesday’s City Council meeting, a month after having one of its most successful events. – Julio Valadez, committee chairman, said this year’s 4th of July three-day event gathered almost 60,000 people, about 20,000 more than usual. This year’s success, he said, was due in big part to the venue change.

Merced County officer charged with assault on paid leave – 08/13/2015 – Thaddeus Miller – The Merced Sun Star – A Livingston police officer, who has been accused of felony assault by a public officer for an incident in 2012, is on paid administrative leave, the Merced Sun-Star has learned.

Livingston mayor says sheriff’s deputies have ‘bad reputation,’ wants city police to handle county calls  – 08/19/2015 – Thaddeus Miller – The Merced Sun Star – Saying Merced County sheriff’s deputies are too slow to respond to routine calls, Livingston’s mayor earlier this week suggested the city’s police should take over cases beyond the city limit.

Water conservation improving in Merced County – 08/27/2015 – Thaddeus Miller – The Merced Sun Star – California cities cut water use by a combined 31 percent in July, exceeding the governor’s statewide mandate to conserve, officials said Thursday. – In Merced County, Livingston used 5.1 percent less water than during the baseline year, making the city further from its goal, which is 32 percent, than any other water provider in the state. Leaders there maintain a large agricultural user in town should not count against city use.

Californians cut water without state imposing fines – 08/28/2015 – Scott Smith – The Associated Press – For the second straight month, Californians exceeded hefty water conservation mandates during the relentless drought without the state imposing fines, officials said. – Cities cut water use by a combined 31 percent in July, exceeding the governor’s statewide conservation mandate of 25 percent, the State Water Resources Control Board reported Thursday.

Officials relieved Foster Farms water won’t count for Livingston – 9/08/2015 – Thaddeus Miller – The MercedSunStar – Livingston city officials on Tuesday said they were relieved to hear the city received a reprieve from state-mandated water use reductions. – The city has ranked worst in the state in water savings. – Livingston is home to Foster Farms’ headquarters, which is by far the biggest water user in the city. So, the city received the first alternative compliance order from the State Water Resources Control Board last week, which means the meat processor’s water use won’t count against the city’s conservation efforts.

Livingston wants to rebrand self with sweet potatoes – 9/16/2015 – Thaddeus Miller – The MercedSunStar – It’s the end of the road for Livingston’s longtime city motto “The Last Stop,” a reference to a long-ago traffic signal that once stopped motorists on Highway 99. – The City Council agreed Tuesday that it will replace the outdated slogan with a new motto honoring the community’s most celebrated crop. Livingston will tout itself as “The Sweet Potato Capital.”

Livingston flying solo with Sweet Potato Festival this year – 9/24/2015 – Thaddeus Miller – The MercedSunStar – The Livingston Sweet Potato Festival kicks off next week, but the city will put it on without the backing of a coalition of growers. -The festival is in its fourth year, and the California Sweet potato Council had been a partner with the city during the last two celebrations. Jason Tucker, the council’s president, said Thursday the council weighed its options and decided to sit this one out

California meets water savings target for third month – 10/01/2015 – Scott Smith – Associated Press – The MercedSunStar – …A total of 406 water suppliers reported water use in August. The figures showed that six communities missed mandated targets by more than 15 percent. – Regulators have given alternative targets to two of the communities, including Livingston, where a large chicken processing plant has counteracted conservation by the 15,000 residents.

LIVINGSTON POLICE OFFICERS RECOVERING AFTER BEING ASSAULTED BY 20 PEOPLE – 10/04/2015 – ABC 30 Action News – Two Livingston police officers are recovering from minor injuries after a fight involving about 20 people. – Police arrested 56-year-old Gerardo Barajas and 36-year-old Hector Parra.

Two Livingston officers assaulted while responding to family dispute – 10/05/2015 – The MercedSunStar –Two Merced County men face possible charges of assaulting a peace officer following a skirmish that broke out when authorities responded to a family dispute, police reported. – Two Livingston Police officers suffered minor injuries including cuts and bruises in the alleged assault early Sunday morning in the 700 block of Elmwood Ct.

New city manager takes helm in Livingston – 10/12/2015 – Thaddeus Miller – The MercedSunStar – Livingston has a new new city manager. – City leaders confirmed Monday that Eddie Duque was sworn in this month during a private barbecue for city staffers. – Duque, 48, formerly a senior management analyst in the Finance and Management Services department in Santa Ana, agreed in July to a three-year contract with annual pay of $140,000, plus car, telephone and insurance benefits, according to a copy of the contract.

Livingston officer to face additional charges – 10/19/2015 – Thaddeus Miller – The MercedSunStar – Additional criminal charges were added Monday to the case against a Livingston police officer accused of handcuffing and then assaulting his wife’s ex-boyfriend in 2012.

Livingston police unit gets a raise – 10/22/2015 – SunStarStaff – The supervisory unit of the Livingston Police Department will get a raise next fiscal year, its first raise in about eight years. – Two sergeants and a lieutenant make up that unit and will see a retroactive 3.5 percent wage increase for this year, and a 3 percent raise on July 1, the beginning of the next fiscal year.

Livingston city manager resigns after two months – 12/21/2015 – Thaddeus Miller – The Merced Sun Star – Livingston’s new city manager abruptly resigned Friday, after just two months on the job, city officials confirmed. – Eddie Duque submitted a letter of resignation last week, effective Friday, according to City Attorney Jose Sanchez. He was sworn into the Livingston position on Oct. 5.

Livingston city manager to get severance – 12/29/2015 – Thaddeus Miller – The Merced Stun Star – Despite spending just two months on the job in Livingston before making the decision to leave, the former city manager will be paid more than $55,000 in severance, his separation agreement shows. – The agreement signed this month by Eddie Duque and Mayor Rodrigo Espinoza states that the city will give the former city manager $52,466 on Jan. 5 to “assist him in his career transition.”
































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