April 20, 2009


April 20, 2009


The monthly of the Court Theater Committee was called to order by Chairperson JoAnn Mires on Monday, April 20, 2009 at 5:00 p.m. in the Livingston City Council Chambers

Minutes – A motion was made by Gloria Keene and seconded by Marge McFadden to approve the March 16, 2009 minutes.  Motion passed.

Treasury Report – The Treasury report for March 1, 2009 was presented.  Checking account balance as of  March 31, 2009 is $1,941.03.  The savings account balance is $19,213.54.  A motion was made by Gloria Keene and seconded by Barbara Edkin to approve the Treasury Report.  Motion passed.

Court Theater Project Update – Nothing new to report.  Gloria requested that with the new stimulus incentives that the committee be proactive in trying to receive some of the funds.  Richard Warne stated that the city is always watching for available funds but due to the present economic state, nothing has been available at this time, but will continue to look.  With the drop of home values and less tax revenue, redevelopment funds are not available.  The City is continuing looking for grants.


A suggestion was made to have a representative group from the Committee to attend the County Supervisor’s meeting and give updates on the status of the Theater.  It would be best to attend in order to get the project noticed and give an informative updates.  Gloria Keene will contact the Supervisors regarding the process to get on the agenda and report back to the committee.   Reports on funding is available on the website and from Jasmin.



Wine and Cheese Affair Update:


Ÿ        JoAnn Mires thanked everyone on the committee in making the Wine and Cheese event successful.  A special thanks was to Richard Warne and the city staff for changing the signs on the theater marquee and displays.

Ÿ        Kim Yancy did an excellent article in the paper regarding the event.  It was suggested to do a follow-up article.  JoAnn will contact Doris Webster who took pictures at the event for some pictures to use in the article.

Ÿ        The event was also on the City’s website and public Service announcements on the radio and local newspapers.

Ÿ        Barbara will send a thank you note to Kim for the article.

Ÿ        Primarily counts were sold 81 tickets, 58 attended.

Ÿ        Receive positive comments from those who attended.  Relax atmosphere

Ÿ        Haven’t receive bill from Bryan yet.  Had a lot of the wine left which will be used next year.

Ÿ        Irish Vineyards, Frog’s Tooth Winery, and Gallo enjoyed the event and donated the sales from their wine to the event.

Ÿ        Barefoot display was enjoyed.

Ÿ        Estimated gross income was $4,100.

Ÿ        Donation – $150.00

Ÿ        Silent Auction – $853.50

Ÿ        Wines Sales – $382.50

Ÿ        Ticket Sales – $2,430.00

Ÿ        Still had some auction money to collect and orders for additional wines

Ÿ        All of the table decorations sold.

Ÿ        Still need to reimburse Diann for food and Bryan for wines purchased.

Ÿ        Suggestion for next year is to add pictures on the city website for advertising.

Ÿ        Thanks you notes will be available for committees members to send out to anyone donors .

Ÿ        Jan Purganan moved and Barbara Edkin seconded that we pay the VFW and the Key Club the amount given last year for their help.

Ÿ        Gloria suggested that we place then Tax ID number on the letters next year.

Ÿ        Costco will need to know three months ahead of the event for donations.

Ÿ        The date for next year will be April 18, 2010.

Ÿ        Richard will get with the Mayor for special recognition for Bryan and Diann for their contribution to the Event.

Tea Party Fund Raiser Update:


Ÿ        Members were reminded of the date, September 19, 2009 for the next Tea.

Ÿ        Save the Date tents were placed on the tables at the Wine and Cheese.  Several attendees asked to be sent information on the tea.

Ÿ        The Tea Bag was passed around for change.


Marge will contact the high school band teacher to remind him that the committee have not forgotten him regarding the joint fund raising event.

Gloria asked if there could be a representative from the Council that will attend the meetings regularly and report back to the Council.  Richard will get with the Mayor regarding request.  The committee is disappointed that no one from the City Council attends other than Frank Vierra, who is on the committee as a citizen.


JoAnn has requested that we stick to the agenda and start the meeting on time.  Everyone has busy lives and if members would like to discuss other items not related to the Court Theater, it can be discuss afterwards outside.  Jasmin stays after hours and needs to lock up afterwards.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:00.  The next meeting will be held on Monday, May 18, 2009, at 5:00 pm.

Respectively submitted,

Jan Purganan

Present:  JoAnn Mires, Jan Purganan, Gloria Keene, Barbara Edkin, Marge McFadden, Scott Kenoyer, Richard Warne



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