March 16, 2009


March 16, 2009

The monthly meeting of the Court Theater Committee was called to order by Chairperson JoAnne Mires on Monday, , March 16,, 2009 at 5:00 p.m. in the Livingston City Council Chambers.


Minutes:  A motion was made by Kaye Greeley and seconded by Gloria Keene to approved the February 2, 2009, minutes.  Motion passed.


Treasury Report – The report for January 2009, checking account was presented.  Checking account balance as of 1/30/09 is $1,940.87.  A motion was made by Jan Purganan and seconded by Gloria Keene to approve the Treasury Report.  Motion passed.


Court Theater Project Update:  Nothing new to report.  Barriers were placed under the ticket box for safety.  Some of the plaster was falling.  There was some vandalism done on the side which was painted over.  The windows were replaced with a board. 




Wine and Cheese Affair Update: 

Ÿ        Scott Kenoyer left a report that Gallo will be attending and possibly bringing some of their Barefoot brands.

Ÿ        Irish Winery and FrogTooth have committed to attend.

Ÿ        There will two tables that Brian Benafield will stock.  One table will be an everyday sweeter wines.

Ÿ        Kaye Greeley reported that the Piano Bar planned to bring cheese and fruit platters, which was not agreed upon.  Kaye will contact the restaurant this week and re-confirm the type of food they will be bringing. 

Ÿ        Frank Vierra stated that the Mexican Restaurant from Turlock was interested in providing for the event.  They have provided in the past.  If the Piano Bar doesn’t come through with food, the Turlock Restaurant may be contacted.

Ÿ        Tickets, Program, Order Sheets are on schedule

Ÿ        Auction:  Kaye would like everything given to her, starting April 1st.

Ÿ        Music – is a go.

Ÿ        Advertisement – Barbara Edkin and Marge McFadden will start contacting the newspapers, radio, and local TV stations for articles and advertising spots.

Ÿ        Posters – were posted at both wineries in Murphy and around town

Ÿ        Donation Sheet – Frank Vierra requested that the spreadsheet to re-sent to him.

Ÿ        Display – Jan Purganan and JoAnne Mires will have the displays at the event.

Ÿ        Membership Forms – will be at the event.

Ÿ        Setup & Teardown – Frank Vierra will contact the Key Club to help with the setup and teardown.

Ÿ        Setup will be on Saturday at 1 pm. 

Ÿ        Teardown will be after the event on Sunday,

Ÿ        Tickets – The tickets and money will be turned in at the April’s meeting.  Diann Benafield should be contacted the week before for counts.


Tea Party Fund Raiser Update:

Ÿ        Date has been changed to September 19, 2009.  The Tea Party committee thought it was too close to the Wine and Cheese Event.  The Event will be held again at JoAnne Mires’ house.



Ÿ        The Band leader was going to get together with Dwight.  It has been placed on hold due to illness.

Ÿ        Gloria Keene  asked to have the Counsel member to attend on a regular basis.  Frank Vierra will take the issue back to the Mayor.

Ÿ        JoAnne Mires suggested that the Committee attend the City Council meetings once a month and give an update on the project.  Frank Vierra will have it put on the agenda for the third Tuesday of each month.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:02 p.m.  The next meeting will be held on Monday, April 20, 2009 at 5 p.m.

Respectively submitted,

Jan Purganan, Secretary

Present:  JoAnne Mires, Jan Purganan, Gloria Keene, Kaye Greeley, Frank Vierra, Jasmin Bains


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