May 18, 2009


May 18, 2009

The monthly of the Court Theater Committee was called to order by Chairperson JoAnn Mires on Monday, May 18, 2009 at 5:04 p.m. in the Livingston City Council Chambers

Minutes – A motion was made by Barbara Edkin and seconded by Marge McFadden to approve the April 20, 2009 minutes.  Motion passed.

Treasury Report – There was no bank statement available for this month.

Court Theater Project Update – Nothing new to report.  Still looking for available funding.  The glass cases on the theater front have been replaced and it looks good.  Jasmin has the keys to the cases.


Wine and Cheese Affair Update:


Ÿ        Bills turned in so far are:

Ÿ        $270.80 for Backdoor Catering

Ÿ        $824.56 for wine purchased for the event.  Note was made that there is still a lot of wine left, which could be used next year.

Ÿ        Should have a formal report next month.

Ÿ        There is one person to collect from for the silent auction.

Ÿ        Thank you notes are available to send to out to donors.

Ÿ        Would like to include the Tax identification number and the Donation note.

Ÿ        The check book was reviewed for last year’s donation to the VFW and to the Key Club and it was discovered that the approved donation wasn’t made.  JoAnn will send out checks for last year and this year donation along with a letter explaining the donation.

Ÿ        Jan Purganan moved and Gloria Keene second that we donate $200 to the VFW and to the Key Club to cover the two years.

Tea Party Fund Raiser Update:

Ÿ        Everything is moving along fine.

Ÿ        The “Mad Hatter” Tea Pot was passed around for loose coins.


Co-sponsor Event with Livingston High Band

Ÿ        The Livingston Band Leader had previously met with the committee regarding doing a joint fund raiser.  However, the Band Leader will be leaving LHS at the beginning of June.

Ÿ        The committee would like to do something with the new band leader if there is interest from the Leader.

Ÿ        Jan Purganan moved and Barbara Edkin second that we contact the LHS Band Leader to express interest in doing a joint fund raiser.  Motion passed.


Gloria Keene has resigned from her position as Sr. Vice President, stating that she needed some time to re-energize.  JoAnn stated that the committee would miss her and that she was welcome to come anytime.  Gloria mentioned that the committee has a wonderful resource in the county supervisor, John Pedrozo.

Relay for Life Report: 

Ÿ        Frank Vierra reported that Livingston Relay for Life raised $26,000 for its first year. 

Ÿ        The goal was 25 teams and the event ended with 24, with 60% of the teams being Junior High and High School students.

Ÿ        The Luminary and Survivor walk at 9 pm was accented with pictures of victims of cancer and pictures of the day’s event.

Ÿ        All of the feedback was positive.

Bunco Fund Raiser

Ÿ        JoAnn brought up the possibility of having a “Bunco” Fund Raiser in the future.  She had attended a couple that brought in over $25,000. 

Ÿ        Hilmar had one recently with 40 tables at $20 per seat, Raffles and silent auction.  The ages of attendees were 25-80+.  Food was provided by members.

Ÿ        Modesto had one with 20 tables with a prize of $50 for the most buncos.

Ÿ        Barbara Edkin moved and Kaye Greeley second that the committee research the possibility of having a similar fund raiser.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:52 p.m.  The next meeting will be held on Monday, June 15 2009, at 5:00 pm.

Respectively submitted,

Jan Purganan

Present:  JoAnn Mires, Jan Purganan, Gloria Keene, Barbara Edkin, Marge McFadden, Frank Vierra, Jasmin Bains, Kaye Greeley


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