How They Represented Us


(My Plan is to have Pages up for 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 But I’m a Gardening Snail so sometimes I’m just a tad slow-At the moment I’m starting on 2008. So keep checking back. J)


Just what DO Council Members do when they are not at Council Meetings talking about and voting on “stuff”.

That is what this, and its (future) companion pages, attempts to answer.

The primary focus of these pages is to point out the going, doing, meeting, and greeting in a spirit of making things “better” that Council Members do as they represent the City of Livingston: both within the City itself and outside the City Limits.

It also focuses on what each Council Member said when it was “their turn” to REPORT. This is the part of a City Council Meeting where Council Members are supposed to inform “the public” about what was done “in the City’s Name and for the Public’s Benefit”. (There’s another part of the Agenda called “Changes to the Agenda”. This is where Council Persons are supposed to propose {gasp!} “Changes to the Agenda”.)

During REPORTS, Council Members are supposed to “take turns” Reporting-to-The-Public. Each Council Member gets “a turn”. Soooooo…If one of them happened to “open his/her mouth” again during someone else’s “turn to talk” I left that out. After all, if you want to read what s/he said when it his/her “turn to talk” was over, all you have to do is click on the links provided.

I’m also leaving out the “personalities, cat-fights, accusations, pontifications, grand-standing, motions, motions to make motions, etc. {Insert sigh and eye-roll here L}

Once again, if you want to read “that stuff”, just click on the links provided and read to your heart’s content. (Or go get a copies of the Audio from City Hall. They’re free)

The source for this information is from the Council People themselves, as recorded in the Draft Minutes. A link is provided in case you want to read “what else’ they might have said.

When choosing what to include, I looked through Draft minutes for statements beginning with verbs: stated, reported, noted, announced etc. 

And, as always, if I missed somewhere where someone actually went, and actually did something productive, let me know and I’ll update the relevant page.

Who knows, maybe sometime in the future, if I get a sudden burst of energy, I’ll rearrange the information “by Council Member/Month” instead of “By Month/Council Member”. Would give you a pretty good indication of what each person “is about”-doncha think?

And if you don’t happen to like the way I’ve edited this you know what you can do: Right?

That’s right….YOU take the time and effort to do the editing and write your OWN darn blog! J

Happy Reading! You can begin with what I have for

How They Represented Us in 2009

How They Represented Us in 2010




2 thoughts on “How They Represented Us”

  1. GardenSnail, always a refreshing facet that you bring to blogging, I really enjoy reading your input. Keep up the great work, but………..HURRY UP, I need 2008 and 2009! Just kidding, just kidding. Thanks

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