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JUNE 5, 2013


The City of Livingston is requesting proposals for the purpose of selecting a firm to provide civil engineering services to the City. The requested services will require one person from the firm to serve in the capacity of City Engineer. The selected firm will be required to enter into a Professional Services Agreement (sample attached). The initial term of the agreement is three (3) years with an option to extend.


The City of Livingston is a community of approximately 14,000 located in Northern Merced County approximately 25 miles from the City of Merced. The City of Livingston is a general law city governed by a Mayor and four Council members. The majority of City engineering services results from state and federal funds. The City has eleven employees and an annual budget of $20 million. The City Engineer will be an important member of the City team and will report directly to the City Manager. City staff will be available on a pre-approved and limited basis to assist the City Engineer.


Date: July 5, 2013

Time: 4:00 p.m. Location: City Hall 1416 “C” Street

Livingston, Ca 95334


Seven (7) copies of proposal in a sealed envelope marked “City Engineer Statement of Qualifications” no later than 4:00 PM on July 5, 2013, addressed as:

City of Livingston

Attn: Jose Antonio Ramirez, City Manager 1416 “C” Street

Livingston, Ca 95334

(209) 394-8041 Work

Facsimile submittals will not be accepted.


The following are the City Engineering Services Award milestone dates to assist the consultant in preparing its Proposal. The dates are subject to change.

Issue RFP – June 5, 2013

Proposal Due Date – July 5, 2013 at 4:00 PM

Oral Interviews – July 9 and July 10, 2013

Recommendation to City Council – TBD

Notice to Proceed – Determined based on Council Award


The following is a summary of duties that may be required of the selected firm. This outline is not intended to represent the entire scope of work but rather a substantial list of the tasks required by the City. The engineer’s work shall be in accordance with all applicable laws. Of important note is a requirement to comply with all Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) as required by Caltrans (see section E below)

A. Preparation of Engineering Reports and Technical Correspondence

1. Determine the need for preliminary studies; review all preliminary studies for compliance with ordinances, comprehensive plans, engineering standards and financial guidelines including and making recommendations based on budget and priorities:

• Feasibility reports;

• Construction inspection;

• Creation of assessment rolls;

• Plat review;

• Utility studies;

• Ground water system analysis and design;

• Capital Improvement Program studies;

• Prepare comments regarding reports, plans and studies of other agencies;

• Present feasibility studies at public meetings

2. Assist in planning, coordinating and evaluating programs, plans, services equipment and infrastructure;

3. Assist in development of policies and procedures for effective operation of the City consistent with City policies, relevant laws, rules and regulations;

4. Assist in evaluation of Public Works’ needs and formulation of short and long range plans in all areas of Public Works improvements including but not limited to: streets, water, sewer and storm drainage;

5. Assist as may be required in implementation of all water resource functions.

6. Participate in internal and external meetings involving engineering questions and issues;

7. Act as City liaison and City representative with other communities, County, State and Federal agencies in areas of responsibility;

8. Attend City Council meetings and work sessions;

9. Attend other City meetings as requested;

10. Perform field inspections;

11. Address constituent’s concerns personally and in writing as may be required.

B. Design and Bidding Services

1. Prepare plans and specifications for all portions of a project as determined by the engineer, with input of City staff;

2. Consult with State and Federal agencies having jurisdictional authority over each project as warranted;

3. Prepare and send advertisements for bids to the legal paper and the Construction Bulletin for solicitation of bids;

4. Reproduce contract documents for bidding purposes;

5. Review the bids and prepare bid tabulation;

6. Evaluate bids, make recommendation to City Council, assemble and award contracts.

C. Project Management/Construction Services (Public Improvement Projects)

1. Convene a pre-construction meeting with staff, contractors, utility company representatives, etc;

2. Perform construction staking;

3. Provide construction observation during construction;

4. Prepare and maintain detailed documentation, including photographs and/or video if warranted and a log of the contractor’s progress;

5. Convene regular construction progress meetings as required;

6. Review of and make recommendation on contractor pay requests;

7. Prepare, review and recommend action for proposed change orders;

8. Review and recommend final acceptance of project by City;

9. Provide three (3) sets of as-built drawings upon conclusion of project;

10. Responsible for development of assessment rolls and other documentation relating to the assessment process;

11. Responsible for establishing and maintaining a library of the following records:

• Permits and applications;

• Contract documents;

• Addenda;

• Copies of referenced standard specifications;

• Project schedules;

• Shop drawings and submittals;

• Applicable correspondence;

• Records of pertinent telephone conversations;

• File memoranda, directives and change orders;

• Requests and recommendations for payment;

• Project budgets and cost information;

• Construction diaries and logs;

• Records of noncompliance;

• Field test results;

• Record drawings;

• Project photographs;

• Project studies and reports;

• Project progress meeting minutes;

• Other information as necessary or required

D. Project Management/Construction Services (Public Improvements within Private Development Projects)

1. Review construction projects and specifications;

2. Monitor the construction process for compliance with City code, regulations, and standards and with approved plans;

3. Assure financial accountability of private projects as they relate to escrows and letters of credit;

4. Advise the City during performance of construction projects and give consideration and advice during the performance of services;

5. Review construction plans;

6. Construction observation and documentation for public improvements constructed with private development projects;

7. Generate reports on plats and construction proposals for City Council and Planning Commission;

8. Assist in development agreement process (fees, conditions, improvements, etc.)

9. Work with City Manager to ensure that costs and fees are charged back to private development projects;

10. Monitor charges and revenues associated with private development projects;

11. Assist in review of land-use applications and construction plans for private developments for consistency with City adopted engineering specifications, city policies, relevant rules and regulations;

12. Work with staff to ensure that relative City Council actions are implemented;

13. Meet with developers and members of the public on proposed development projects to communicate the processes and procedures involved with engineering and infrastructure development.

E. Federal Highway Administration (FHA) Caltrans Required Services

Caltrans has determined, as an agent for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), that recipients of federal funds utilizing contract engineering services shall solicit and contract for those services in three year increments. Thus, this aspect of the scope of services shall be for three years only. Under this part of the scope of services, the City seeks proposals from qualified engineering firms to perform the design including CEQA and NEPA compliance, bidding, construction review/inspection and federal aid administration services required to complete the federally funded projects during a three year period including the projects listed below in conformance with requirements and subject to State and Federal regulations and law.

Services are to include securing all necessary permits including CEQA and NEPA compliance, surveying, testing, preparation of plans and specifications, description of construction phasing plan, estimate of probable construction costs, preparation of bid documents, review of construction contract bids, recommendation for award, construction inspection and review and construction administration.

These services shall be in accordance with Caltrans standards, FHWA standards, and the City’s standards.

The selected Engineering Firm must comply with Government Code Section 8355 in matters relating to providing a drug-free work place.

The Cost Principles and Procedures, 48 CFR, Federal Acquisition Regulations System, Chapter 1, Part 31 et. seq., are the governing factors regarding allowable elements of cost. Also, the Agreement will include the administrative requirements set forth in 49 CFR, Part 18, Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Cooperative Agreements to State and Local Governments. This also applies to all subcontracts in excess of $25,000.

The selected firm shall comply with CFR Title 49, Part 29, Debarment and Suspension Certificate, refer to Exhibit 12-E “Debarment and Suspension Certificate” in Chapter 12 of the Caltrans Local Assistance Manual.

The selected Engineering Firm shall verify and meet all requirements for California State Prevailing Wage Section 1720 of the State Labor Code. Wage guidelines entitled, Consultant Guidelines for Prevailing Wage and Labor Compliance on Architectural and Engineering (A&E) Contracts is used to administer Caltrans Consultant contracts. Wage information is available through the Caltrans Division of Labor Assistance website. The selected Engineering Firm shall meet and conform to Exhibit 10-N “Accounting and Auditing Guidelines for Contracts with Caltrans” in Chapter 10 of the Local Assistance Procedures Manual.

This solicitation is subject to Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 26 (49 CFR 26) entitled "Participation by Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in Department of Transportation Financial Assistance Programs.” Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Underutilized DBE (UDBE) participation goals have been waived for this solicitation. Although DBE goals have been waived for this solicitation, The City of Livingston and Caltrans encourages the participation of DBEs and UDBEs, as defined in 49 CFR 26, in performing contracts financed in whole or in part with federal funds. Information about the Federal DBE Program is available at: or

The selected Engineering Firm shall verify and meet all requirements of the Federal Lobbying Restrictions, Title 31, U.S.C. Section 1352.

For FHA services, the selected Engineering Firm shall verify and meet all requirements of:

1. Notice to Proposers – Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Information (Exhibit 10-01)

2. Standard Agreement for Subcontractors/DBE Participation (Exhibit 10-J)

3. Non-lobbying Certification for Federal-aid Contracts (Exhibit 10-P)

a. These documents are available in Chapter 10 of the Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual. By submitting a proposal the submitting Firm agrees to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in these documents.

b. The following documents available in the Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual must be completed and included in the RFP submittal:

4. Local Agency Proposer UDBE Commitment (Exhibit 10-01)

5. Local Agency Proposer DBE Information (Exhibit 10-02)

6. Disclosure of Lobbying Activities (Exhibit 10-Q)

a. Proposals will be evaluated based on the qualifications and experience of the engineering firm. Proposals are to include:

7. Firm name, contact person, address, telephone and fax numbers and email address.

8. Type of organization (individual, partnership, or corporation).

9. Firm principal(s) who will be responsible for the contract, their education, credentials and experience.

10. Present staff – number and classification.

11. List of relevant project experience in the past five years, including location and type of project. Provide the name and telephone number of a reference for each project listed.

12. Indicate familiarity with Caltrans and FHWA funding procedures.

13. List all relevant state and federal grant application and funded experience.


A. General Requirements

The proposal should not contain non-applicable promotional material and should include only the information that is intended to address the information requested in this document.

B. Qualifications

Proposals should include responses to each of the following items:

1. Resumes

Identify the person(s) with key responsibilities who will be assigned to work for the City and describe their role/duties. If more than one person is to be assigned, identify the person who will have senior level responsibility or manage the engagement. Include resumes, which list the qualifications and experience of the personnel.

2. Experience

Describe and list demonstrated experience of the firm and the project team.

* Please Note: Experience must relate to projects occurring within the past three (3) years.

3. Time and Budget Constraints

Demonstrate the ability to perform projects in a timely and cost effective manner.

4. References

List of references relating to projects completed for local governments over the last three (3) years. Include name, address and phone number of contact person.

C. Compensation and Fees

1. A schedule of 2011, 2012 for similar services and proposed 2013 billing rates for personnel involved must be included.

2. Acknowledgement that the negotiated fees as to Grant Programs will include an estimated percentage of administration and implementation funds to be allocated for work functions performed by city staff on state or federally funded projects.


A. The City of Livingston reserves the right to reject any and all proposals.

B. Selection shall be on the basis of demonstrated competence and on the qualifications necessary for satisfactory performance of the services required.

C. The City may determine that it is necessary to meet with the firms to discuss aspects of their proposal. Selection of the firms to be interviewed will be based upon but not limited to the following criteria:

• The firm’s ability to provide optimal services, yet meets the City’s concern with cost;

• The firm’s resources to conduct and complete projects in a satisfactory manner;

• The firm’s approach to and understanding of the Scope of General Services and Duties;

• The firm’s experience with similar contracts and clients;

• The experience and qualifications of the proposed staff in providing similar services;

• The firm’s demonstrated ability to deliver work on time and within budget;

• The extent of involvement by key personnel;

• The firm’s previous experience with cities, which have or are currently experiencing similar engineering requirements as the City of Livingston;

• The firm’s size, current workload, ability and willingness to commit key personnel.


Upon completion of the consultant evaluation process, which includes interviews of top ranked firms, City staff will commence contract negotiations with the top-ranked firm for the desired consulting services. Compensation for the subject services will be negotiated based on what is fair and reasonable to both parties. Should City staff and the top-ranked consultant be unable to negotiate contract terms and fee reasonable to both parties, negotiations with that firm will be terminated. The City may initiate a new RFP process, or commence negotiations with the second-ranked firm or next ranked firm if negotiations with the second-ranked firm fail.


The City is an equal opportunity employer and requires all consultants to comply with State and Federal Grant Compliance policies and regulations concerning equal employment opportunity.


A. The City of Livingston reserves the right to cancel or amend the Request for Proposals at anytime. The City of Livingston also reserves the right to determine the successful respondent and further reserves the right to reject any or all proposals for any reason.

B. The City of Livingston will not be liable for costs incurred by the firms responding to this proposal.

C. The firm shall not assign any interest in this proposal and shall not transfer any interest in the same without the prior written consent of the City of Livingston.

D. For the purposes of this agreement, the consultant shall be deemed to be an independent contractor and not an employee of the City of Livingston. Any and all agents or employees of the firm or other persons, while engaged in the performance of any work or services required to be performed by the City of Livingston under this agreement, shall not be considered employees of the City of Livingston and any and all actions which arise as a consequence of any act or omission on the part of the firm, it’s agents, servants, employees or other persons shall in no way be the obligation or responsibility of the City of Livingston.

E. No official or employee of the City of Livingston who exercises any responsibilities in the review, approval or carrying out of the proposal shall participate in any decision which affects his or her direct or indirect personal or financial interest.

F. All proposals must be signed by a duly authorized individual. All proposals shall become property of the City of Livingston.

G. Submittal by Deadline Date

H. All questions should be addressed and submitted to:


Betty Cota Deputy City Clerk 1416 “C” Street

Livingston, Ca 95334


Phone: (209) 394


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