12 Selection of a Consultant to Prepare the Housing Element to the Livingston General Plan and Authorize the City Manager to Negotiate the Agreement.

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AGENDA ITEM: Selection of a Consultant to Prepare the Housing Element to the Livingston General Plan and Authorize the City Manager to Negotiate the Agreement.

MEETING DATE: October 20, 2015

PREPARED BY: Randy Hatch, Contract City Planner

REVIEWED BY: Eddie Duque, City Manager



• Select MintierHamish as the Planning Consultant to prepare the City’s Housing Element;

• Authorize the City Manager to negotiate an Agreement for Housing Element preparation services for final City Council approval;

• Authorize up to $44,500 to be expended.


The City is required by State law to update its Housing Element for the 2016 -2024 period. Pursuant to Council direction, staff developed a Request for Proposals (RFP) to update the Livingston Housing Element and transmitted the RFP to a list of IO qualified planning consultants. The City also posted the RFP on the City’s website.

The City received three proposals from: MintierHamish; JB Anderson; and Michael Baker International. Staff reviewed the proposals and found all three to be responsive. An interview panel was convened to evaluate the proposals and ask questions of the consultants. The panel was made up of Contract Planner Randy Hatch, Ceres Community Development Director Tom Westbrook, and Interim City Manager Odi Ortiz. At the last minute, Mr. Ortiz was not available leaving Planner Hatch and Director Westbrook.

While both panel members felt all three consultant firms could prepare a Housing Element that could be certified by the State and meet the State adoption deadline, it was unanimous that they felt MintierHamish was the better proposal and would produce a better housing Element for the City with additional features at virtually the same cost (under $36,000) as the second rated firm (JB Anderson). Michael Baker International was the lowest cost proposal but had recently acquired the Housing Element preparation staff of PMC.

It is Staff’s understanding that the City was not happy with the work performed by PMC staff in the attempted update of the City’s General Plan. Based on that understanding, staff is not recommending Michael Baker International.

Of the two remaining firms, MintierHamish has far greater experience preparing Housing Elements that have been certified by the State. Further, MintierHamish includes as part of its proposal technical Amendments to the City’s General Plan to address recent State law requirements; Flood Safety (AB162/SB5), and Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities (SB 244).

Since the General Plan the City is using is somewhat dated, these Amendments are needed. Staff feels that MintierHarnish provides better value for the City. The proposed cost of these services is $35,750. Staff would recommend the Council authorize expenditures of up to $44,500 to provide for an approximate 20% contingency. This would be needed if unforeseen complications arise or additional meetings and Public Hearings are required.