Livingston High School Expansion Plan

Note: This is a “word for word” transcription of the outline provided at the December, 16 2008 City of Livingston City Council Meeting



Merced Union

High School District

Livingston High School

Expansion Plan


1.     Measure M received a big “thumbs up” from voters in Livingston. It received a 71% approval rate.


2.     Measure M provides LHS with:

a.      Athletic fields on the south side of Peach Street – Winter 2009

b.     Twelve room classroom wing – Fall 2009

c.     Second larger Gym – Fall 2009

d.     New Cafeteria – Fall 2012

e.      Eight room classroom wing – Fall 2013

f.       Library Expansion – Fall 2013

g.     Administration Office Expansion – Fall 2013


3.     Total proposed expenditures on LHS is $52 Million.


4.     A minimum of 50% to be awarded to local contractors.


5.     Proposal – Close Peach Street at Seventh and Main Street verses the rerouting of Peach Street.

a.      Savings of $3 Million to reroute Peach Street is reinvested to upgrade athletic fields.

b.     Lighted fields and diamonds.

c.     Permanent concession stand and restroom facilities.

d.     Pave football stadium parking lot.

e.      Develop a joint use agreement to allow LHS students and Livingston community to benefit from upgraded facilities.



Just a little Commentary

Given Livingston’s history of coming out somewhat on “the short end of the stick” when it comes to “joint use agreements”, it just might be to the Council’s advantage to insist on seeing the MUHSD’s proposed joint use agreement in writing before even considering any other proposals.



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