Will the Utility Rate Stakeholders Committee Pick Water Consultants 4 & 5?

The following is from the January 17, 2011 City Council Meeting in response to a series of question about the Selection Process for the next Utility Rate & Proposition 218 Consultant; the selection of the next Police Chief; how many Consultants work for the City; and how many Grant Applications the City has out.

If you should happen to view the video itself, and notice any glaring transcription error, please let me know so I can fix it.

Beginning  @ Appx. 1:12:00

City Manager Jose Antonio Ramirez: I’d like to address quickly with regards to the Rate consultants. We actually received 3 Rate Consultant’s (proposals) .

The decision has not been made and that timeline is – we’re not gonna follow that timeline (The Timeline as indicated in the original Request for Proposal). We’re gonna be taking the three proposals in addition the the Feasibility Study proposals to the Stakeholders Committee and we’re gonna basically share all that information.

And right now (the) staff is currently working on, we got half of the committee with certain dates in mind and the other half we’re still working on so stay tuned to that.

The other question was regarding the Police chief. We received – I forget the exact amount – like 7 or 8 applicants. It was dwindled down to two and we’re close to a decision. I’m expecting it to be this week…

On the other, we’re still working on and we hope to have that by the next council meeting to give you the full scope of the questions that Mrs. Rodriguez mentioned: which is the different Grants we have out there and who our consultants are.


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