8 Council Authorize Purchase of One New Police Vehicle.

Meeting Date: February 07, 2017

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AGENDA ITEM: Council Authorize Purchase of One New Police Vehicle

MEETING DATE: February 1, 2017

PREPARED BY: Ruben Chavez, Chief of Police

REVIEWED BY: Odi Ortiz, Interim City Manager


Staff recommends that the City Council authorize the purchase of one 2016 Ford Explorer Police Vehicle.


The police department’s marked police vehicle fleet currently consists of nine Ford vehicles. Of these vehicles, two are assigned to the School Resource Officers (SRO) and one is used as a spare vehicle and is additionally mounted with a trailer hitch to deploy the radar trailers and other police related trailers.

There are six vehicles shared by patrol officers to perform their duties. The department recently received two new Ford Explorers with partial funding from a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to replace two aging vehicles. Both of the SRO vehicles are in need of replacing. Council approved the purchase of one vehicle in January 2017.

This final vehicle would provide a fleet that could take us into the approximate year of 2022 before any further patrol vehicles would need to be purchased.

At this time, the department recommends the City to authorize the purchase of one vehicle. The new vehicle would be assigned to patrol while the SRO vehicle would be replaced by a vehicle assigned to the patrol fleet.


The police department would like to replace this vehicle for patrols use and use the older vehicle, which is still in usable condition, as a vehicle to be used by the School Resources Officers. The vehicle addition can also be used for the Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program (AVA) for enforcement of abandoned vehicle statutes.

The department is transitioning over to the new Ford Explorer Interceptor vehicles to replace the fleet. The Ford Explorer Police vehicle is a popular model and the inventory in the state for these vehicles is very limited. The department has piggy-backed on the Los Angeles County Purchase order to obtain the best price possible. The department recommends purchasing the vehicle from Wonderies Fleet Group.


The total cost of this vehicle is estimated at $47,876.23. The department would facilitate the purchase using funding already budgeted and allocated from the AVA Program in the amount of $20,000.

The balance would be applied from a recent surplus of funding from the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) sent to our department in the amount of $29,000. The department has recently received three quotes for a vehicle and one quote for a outfitting the emergency equipment.


1. Wonderies Fleet Group National Auto Fleet Group quote at $27,889 per vehicle without outfitting

2. Price Ford quote at $26,464.25 without outfitting

3. Bob Moore Ford at $34,780.00 without outfitting

4. Emergency Vehicle Outfitters quote at $19,987.23 per vehicle to outfit