Resolution Cancelling Master Property Tax Revenue Sharing Agreement

(Note: This post was created by going to the BOS website, clicking on the “Resolution” link, sorting through the file extensions and finding the two with .txt extensions and “stitching” the two together into one document. Sorry about any errors omissions and the “clunky formatting”. Sure would have been nice if the documents had been available in a “Word” format.)






In   the  Matter of



CANCELLATION      OF      MASTER      PROPERTY           )


TAX         REVENUE         SHARING      AGREEMENT       )            RESOLUTION   NO.


WITH     THE     CITY     OF    LIVINGSTON               )




        WHEREAS,    section    99    of   the    Revenue    and    Taxation    Code    of  the State of California provides   that   in   the   case   of   a   jurisdictional   change   (annexation),   the  governmental bodies of all    agencies    whose    service    responsibilities    are    altered    by   the   change shall determine the amount   of   property   tax    revenues   to    be   exchanged    between  them; and,



        WHEREAS,     on     September     21,     2004,     the     Merced     County     Board    of Supervisors, through    Resolution    2004-187,    adopted    a    master    property    tax    sharing    agreement   with the City  of  Livingston   [City]; and,



        WHEREAS,    the    2004    Master    Property    Tax    Sharing    Agreement    with    the    City, among other    things,    contains    a    provision    for    County    General    Plan    policies to accommodate City growth;    and,



        WHEREAS,    on    October   21,    2008,    the    City   adopted    a    new   general   plan (2025 Plan) for  the  City; and,



        WHEREAS,      County      representatives,      on      numerous      occasions      during     the City’s consideration   of   the   general   plan   and   prior   to   its   adoption,    expressed   serious  concerns to City    staff,    the    City’s    consultants,    and    to    the    City    Council    over the adequacy of the Environmental     Impact    Report    prepared    for    the    plan    and    fundamental    conflicts   with the proposed   City   general   plan   with   the   adopted   County   General   Plan; and,



        WHEREAS,    despite    the    repeated    concerns    voiced    by    the    County,    the   City made no substantive   changes   to   the    Environmental    Impact   Report   or   to   the   proposed    general plan in response   to   the    County’s   concerns;  and,



        WHEREAS,    the    County    Executive    Officer,    by    a    letter    submitted    to    the  City on December   17,   2008,   reinforced   the   prior   concerns   voiced   by   the   County,  notified the City that the   County   would   not   be   able   to   support   the   implementation   of   the  City’s 2025 General Plan, notified    the    City   of   the    County’s    intent   to   cancel   the   2004    Master Property Tax Sharing Agreement    with    the    City,    and    requested    that    the    City    contact    the  County to begin to negotiate   a    new   master   tax   sharing    agreement; and,



        WHEREAS,    the    City    has    not    requested    any    meetings    with    the    County to begin to negotiate    a    new    master   tax    revenue  sharing agreement.



        NOW,    THEREFORE,     BE     IT    RESOLVED,     by    the    Board    of    Supervisors   for the County of   Merced   that   because   the   2025    Livingston    General    Plan    sets   a    policy direction for the future   growth   of   the   City   of   Livingston   that   is   fundamentally   in   conflict   with  the County General    Plan,    the    County    cannot    administer    the    County    General    Plan    in  a manner that supports   the    implementation   of   the   2025 Plan.



BE    IT   FURTHER   RESOLVED,   that   because   the   2004   Master   Property   Tax Sharing Agreement  with  the  City  obligates  the  County  to  actions  which  support  the implementation of the  City  General  Plan,  it  is  no  longer  in the best interest of the County to continue with the 2004   Master   Property  Tax   Sharing  Agreement with the City.



        BE   IT   FURTHER   RESOLVED,   that   by   this   Resolution,   the County hereby cancels the 2004   Master   Property  Tax   Sharing  Agreement with the City.



        BE   IT  FURTHER   RESOLVED,  that  this  Resolution  shall  take  effect  on July 1, 2009.




        I,   DEMITRIOS  O.   TATUM,   Clerk  of  the  Board   of  Supervisors of the County of Merced, do  hereby  certify  that  the  foregoing  resolution  was  regularly  introduced,  passed and adopted by  said  Board  at  a  regular  meeting  thereof  held  on  9th  day  of  June, 2009 by the following vote:













               WITNESS  my  hand  and  the  Seal  of  this  Board this day of                            , 20


                                             DEMITRIOS     O.     TATUM,    CLERK



                                             By     Deputy




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